Tia Maria: Steampunk in the Desert

Tia and I did this shoot in the AZ Desert several months ago. At first it was just a personal project shoot to boost both of our portfolios. But when she saw the pics on the back of the camera, she excitedly said they may be good enough to be submitted to Kato’s Steamgirls.com website. So I have been working hard to get the pics edited to the point that I would be comfortable to submit them.
This is a teaser like always, however due to our intention of getting them on the Steamgirls.com site, I am not posting the set online just yet.

One way or another these images WILL see the light of the Internet…All of ’em. Including the nudes. (Yes…Miss Tia exposed her full beauty not only to my lens…but to all the critters of the desert as well! That was a fun day!) But for now you will just need to stay tuned for updates on the status of the Steamgirl.com submission!

Tia makes the Desert Hotter!

Tia makes the Desert Hotter!

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