Steampunk Circus: Come One! Come All!

Come One! Come All! We are pleased to present:
The Steampunk Circus.

MUA: Skye Bradsher

Nola Yergen - Steampunk Circus-0156

Nola Yergen: Steampunk Jester

  Nola Yergen - Steampunk Circus-0151

Nola Yergen: Steampunk Jester

 Sarah Levinson - Steampunk Circus-0259

Sarah Levinson – Steampunk Robot

Sarah Levinson - Steampunk Circus - 0305

Sarah Levinson – Steampunk Robot

Meena Gorgese - Steampunk Circus-0232

Meena Gorgese

Nola's Steampunk Circus-0198

Brian Lapham – Steampunk Circus Ring Master

Brian & Nola Steampunk Circus-0123

Brian & Nola: Steampunk Romance

Gail Wolfenden-Steib - Steampunk Circus-0015

Gail Wolfenden-Steib – Steampunk Snake Charmer

Gail Wolfenden-Steib - Steampunk Circus-0076

Gail Wolfenden-Steib – Steampunk Snake Charmer

Gail Wolfenden-Steib - Steampunk Circus-0073

Gail Wolfenden-Steib – Steampunk Snake Charmer

Steampunk Circus-0214

The Steampunk Circus


Presenting: “Copperhead Kate”

Another image from the Steampunk Circus photo shoot I did with Nola Yergen.
Recently she told me that she refers to this outfit as “Copperhead Kate”.
I fell in love with “Kate” the moment I met her.
MUA: Skye Bradsher

Copperhead Kate

Copperhead Kate

Steampunk Circus: Design by Nola

I have the great fortune to be good friends with truly talented artists. Multi Award-Winning Costume Designer Nola Yergen owner of Design by Nola is one of the most talented and, dare I say, prettiest among them.
There are more images from the Award Winning “Steampunk Circus” which includes Award-Winning designs from Gail Wolfenden-SteibMeena Gorgese and Sarah Levinson who each designed their own amazing costumes coming soon.
You will want to know that some of Nola’s designs will soon be seen in Sky Harbor Int’l Airport’s Steampunk Fashion Display. So keep your eyes open for the announcement!
You can also find Nola on Facebook.
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And now…a sneak preview of “Steampunk Circus”

MUA: Skye Bradsher
Nola's Steampunk Circus-0360