Lord of the Sith – Lord of Men

Her gaze is Piercing beyond what her Dark Force Power emits…her power from BEFORE becoming a Sith was over Men.
Her gaze is Penetrating beyond what her seething anger and hatred portray thru her Mastery of The Force, she could penetrate the Soul with just a single glance and cause the strongest of Men and Woman to tremble in Awe since a very young age.  Time has only made her powers more terrible. More invasive. More…Fierce.

Don’t look now! She seeeeeessss youuuu!

Model / MUA / Costume Design: Zephiia Winchester
Phoenix ComiCon 2017

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She Sees You

Lord of the Sith. Lord of Men

The Sith Lord: Moros – Purposeful Intent. (Animated GIF)

Not that I think I “Know what I’m doing” with these gifs…but I am Learning about what I’m doing!
My second Animated GIF is of the Sith Lord: Moros (CosPlay by Courtney Leigh Creations) striding with purposeful intent across the frame then turning with menacing intent to face us.  Personally, I wouldn’t want to go up against her! You?


Purposeful Intent