Phoenix ComiCon 2015: Introducing Selene Sparrowhawk

Meet Selene Sparrowhawk of the Adrian Empire.  She’s a Warrior of the highest caliber. Don’t let the beautiful eyes fool you!

I first saw her during the Live Steel demonstration that the Adrian Empire was doing during PHXCC 2015, She was on the floor, fighting a much larger opponent. She used a Two-sword style to her great advantage and I overheard two other fighters talking. One of them was to be the next combatant, fighting whoever was victorious in the current match. The other gave him some sage advice: “Watch out for her. She’s a Man-Eater.”
Take a Guess as to who was victorious…

Selene Sparrowhawk of the Adrian Empire on Flickr.

Selene Sparrowhawk - PHXCC 2015-0300