PHXCC 2017 – Jenny’s Closeup

I feel so fortunate to have met Jenny at PHXCC 2017.
I was outside the Convention Center with a thought of an experimental shot I wanted to try when she was walking by. She agreed to help me out on the experiment, and then we did some more.
You’ll see the rest of the series in a little bit, but to get the ball rolling, here is Jenny’s Closeup.
This link takes you to the set on Flickr, although as of this moment, this is the only image in there…at least you will have the link!



Phoenix FanFest 2016 Pics Coming Soon-ish

For those kind people who allowed me the honor of taking your photo over the weekend at Phoenix ComiCon Fan Fest 2016. I gave you a business card as a gateway link to those photos…I just want to give a little update on that process:

“And so it begins…the monumental task of uploading, Keyword tagging, sorting, selecting, editing, renaming, converting and ultimately uploading the pics from this years #FanFest2016.
And if you think that’s gonna happen in the span of a day or two…you aren’t working my Day-job schedule!!
I am hoping to have a few teaser samples to drop in a few hours…but for the whole thing…gimme a couple weeks.”

It may not actually take Weeks…I can’t say for certain. I am working on them as quickly as possible.

In the meantime…here’s a little sump-in’ sump-in’: Elfy Aubrie on standby as I work with another model passes the time on her phone…



Phoenix ComiCon Fan Fest 2014 (a middle)

This post represents a large chunk of my remaining photos from PCC Fan Fest 2014…but not ALL of them.
Yes…there are still more to come, and once they are online, THIS will be the place to find the link!

Phx FanFest-Natalie as Moon Moxie

Natalie as Moon Moxie

In the meanwhile, here’s another sample image of a cosplayer I met for the first time: Natalie as Moon Moxie

Phoenix ComiCon Fan Fest 2014 (a beginning)

For those of you who I met and photographed at the Phoenix ComiCon Fan Fest so far…Here is just a taste of what’s to come!

Please keep checking back for more. And if you don’t see a photo that you KNOW I took of you…contact me via text or email from the information on the business card I gave you at the Convention!

Follow this link to the set I posted on Flickr

Jokers Raven - Phx FanFest (sm)-0931 - Copy
This, by the way, was one of the very last images I took before my camera stopped working…If it HAD to break, it’s SO much better that it did so AFTER I captured THIS image!!