Brigitta and Miklós: Two Young Gypsy’s In Love.

Brigitta and Miklós, two  young Gypsy's in love.

Brigitta and Miklós, two
young Gypsy’s in love.

This is a Sweet and Gentle Romance that began when two Gypsy families encountered each other on the Road and found a way to make the best of a bad situation

Miklós’s family consisted of just the four Brothers. Each one a musician of the highest caliber. But they had no Sisters which meant that when they played for The People of the towns and villages they traveled to, there were no Roma Dancers to accompany their music. As talented as the brothers were musically, they knew they were missing an opportunity to truly enthrall the audience.

As luck would have it, Brigitta’s family was just her and her 3 Sisters. They were all dancers of the highest caliber, but the music they danced to was limited to what they could play while dancing. At times they would rely on the kindness of some local musicians who would allow them to dance along with their music.  Sadly it was more often than not, that the local bands were not anywhere near as skilled at playing as the Roma sisters were at dancing.

But fate has a way of rewarding those who Travel with love in their hearts!

On a dark and stormy night, both Brigitta and Miklós happened to bring their families to the same small tavern in the same small town deep in the woods of their homeland. They all came to the Inn for the same reason: They needed to get out of the rain, and hopefully earn Room and Board by entertaining the townsfolk who were also at the Inn to avoid being in the storm.

Miklós and his brothers had arrived at the Inn first. They had just begun playing their first song when Brigitta and her sisters approached the Inn. Brigitta stopped in her tracks just outside to front door, mesmerized at first by the sounds of Honest and True Gypsy Music coming from within the Tavern! But she was also quite distraught as this meant her plan to Dance for the townspeople in exchange for shelter from the storm, dinner and perhaps a place to sleep for the night was ruined!

Standing with her sisters just outside the Inn, the rain pouring down on them heavy and cold, Brigitta had a flash of inspiration. Her Gypsy Mother was convinced that Brigitta alone among her sisters was blessed with the Site, but Brigitta never truly accepted this thought. She just Knew what she Knew.

Quickly Brigitta explained her plan to her sisters, and then pushed open the door to the Inn. The sounds of the music and the crowd brought up the excitement in her soul.

It was a feeling she hadn’t had since she first performed the Traditional Gypsy Dance for her mother and father as her “audition” to join the family dance troupe. She was certain that she was ready to join the family on the Road as one of the traveling entertainers that was her Gypsy Family Birthright. The excitement was for making a living off the kindness of strangers in exchange for her Dance! It was in her blood and she knew it!

But her parents, most especially her Mother, were the most difficult and demanding audience she had ever known! She THOUGHT she was ready, but her Mother stopped her only moments into the routine to correct her technique and required her to practice harder and longer than ever before she made auditioned again. This happened 3 times!! But! Once she grew stronger in her skills, she was able to not only win her place in the family’s dance troupe…but she received actual applause from her Mother, along with a smile and a hug from her indicating she had truly triumphed and earned her position!

And now, she and her sisters entered the common room of the pub together and simply…danced to the middle of the “stage” where Miklós and his brothers played.

She caught his eye immediately, and after only the slightest miss in his rhythm, he recovered his wits and very quickly assessed the situation in the Tavern. When he showed his unabashed smile of approval to Brigitta and her sisters, and more importantly gave his approval to his brothers to carry on playing…it was Pure and Honest Magic that filled the room with music and dancing the likes of which no one in that town had ever seen before!

They played and danced all night. And finally, after the storm ended and  the last patron had left, the Innkeeper, who believed it was all part of the “Act”, fed them all and set them up with 2 rooms as payment for the nights festivities.

Antoinette & Kristopher

Brigitta and Miklós

The next day, Brigitta and Miklós spent the day wandering thru the town. The attraction was instant and pure. They walked together, wandering thru the streets of the little town from end to end. They came to the edge of little town and just kept walking. Holding hands, they continued strolling into the woods. It was on this walk that Brigitta realized what the first thing she ever wanted to steal was, so she took it. Leaning in close to Miklós, she stole a kiss!

As the wandered deeper into the forest the thought occurred to them both just how rare it was to be separated from their families like this. They knew without speaking that it was Significant, and should not to be taken for granted. And so they each decided to themselves that they would take this opportunity as the gift it was meant to be.

Miklós found a spot in the sun where they both could rest a while from all the walking. Brigitta was thoughtful enough to have brought a bottle of wine with her and so Miklós playfully offered to entertain her if she would agree to pay him with something to drink. It was, after all, the Gypsy Way. With a gleam in her eye she accepted his offer.

After having a deep drink from the bottle, to calm his nerves after the stolen kiss, and to give him more time to consider how best to impress this beautiful Gypsy girl, they both sat down. They were in a beautiful clearing in the woods. Miklós noticed a few pine cones on the forest floor and picked them up. He made a half-hearted attempted to juggle them, but he wasn’t very good, and they all came down around his feet. Her giggle made him smile. She smiled back and her Smile made him bold. He leaned in on her and took back the stolen kiss! When she kissed him back, his Heart almost burst from joy!

Brigitta & Miklós

Brigitta & Miklós

Brigitta stood then, and began to remove her belt…Knowing the Gypsy Ways, Miklós knew what this meant. He helped her with the belt, and then began to play his drum for her. She performed a dance which Miklós knew Gypsy Dancers reserved only for their lovers. He began to play increasingly more intricate rhythms on the drum, causing Brigitta to respond with increasingly more intricate dance techniques.
At one point, their eyes met. Locked in an intense staring match, each waiting for the other to look away. But then…they both smiled.  And the blending of Dance and Rhythm came as easily as if they had been performing together all their lives! And then, without warning, she made him know how she felt about him. Falling on him and in an embrace so sudden that he fell on his back to the ground…Brigitta smiling as she kissed him deeply.

The patrons who were fortunate enough to have seen the performance at the Inn, on that dark and stormy night tell the story as if THAT was the beginning. The formation of what was to become the greatest Gypsy Family ever to wander the lands, performing Music, Dance and even Juggling for generations to come.

Anyone who has seen Brigitta and her sisters dance to the music of Miklós and his brothers quickly fall under the spell of Love that these two families weave between themselves and thier audience. And between each other. And especially between Miklós & Brigitta.

But only a few people know the truth. It was This Night, even more than the night at the Inn which was the TRUE beginning for the two families. And more than that…it was the night of the Joining of Souls for Miklós & Brigitta who have danced and drummed together Every Day since just as they did in that first night in the forest.

Such is the Power of Love for Miklós & Brigitta.

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Miklós is played by Kristopher Milstead
Brigitta is played by Antoinette Martin-Hanson