Phoenix ComiCon 2014

Hello and Thank You for visiting my site.
Phoenix ComiCon 2014 has come and gone, but the memories shall linger on forever! If you’re here because you have my card…that means I must have taken your picture at the event! Thank you for allowing me that honor. I hope you like the resulting image(s)!

SOME of my PCC 2014 pics are here…but not many. To see ALL of my pics, just follow this link to Flickr. That’s where you will not only find pics from THIS event, but from all the OTHER events I attended over the years.

Take some time. Look thru some of the other sets. Who knows, you might surprise yourself and find pics of YOU there! (It could happen).

In order to be sure you are able to view ALL of my images (the “safety” level of some of them are set as “Moderate”) you will need to be logged on to your Flickr account. If you don’t have one, it’s free, quick and easy to sign up.  I apologize for the additional step you may need to take to view the pics, but I really think it’s worth your while. There’s some really great stuff there! (not just talkin’ ’bout my pics, either!)

Currently I have 3 different sets of pics from Phoenix ComiCon 2014. The links are below. If you feel up to the task, tag yourself, or anyone you may know in the pics as you see them!



The MAIN set is found here

Phoenix ComiCon 2014-0093

I have decided that Tia Maria deserves her own set:

Tia Maria at Phoenix ComiCon 2014-0273

And here is Mark Greenawalt’s Bodypaint Demo: This one is *NSFW*!

Phoenix ComiCon 2014  Bodypaint-0130-2
I have one more set to post for the night: Miss Dani Galaxy has her own set for her Catwoman Cosplay.

PCC 2014  Dani Galaxy as Catwoman-0119