Amazing Arizona ComiCon 2015: Introducing Kristen Lanae Cosplayer

I met Kristen while I was wondering in the Merchant Room of AACC 2015 and was instantly taken in by her big blues…You’ll see what I mean in a moment…
She was at the Girls of Geek booth in her She-Ra Cosplay and I asked if I could take a few photos. I shot a few and we looked at them on the back of the camera and both thought the same thing…the Lighting in there is Terrible! So we went outside in the sunlight of a beautiful Phoenix winter day…it happened to be Valentines Day! and we got some great images! I hope I get to shoot with Kristen at PCC 2015!! (That, by they way, Kristen, is called a Hint!)

Here are a few more images from her set. See ALL the pics on Flickr!

Kristen Lanae as She-Ra AACC 2015-0301 sm

Kristen Lanae as She-Ra AACC 2015-0316

Amazing Arizona ComiCon 2014

Follow this link or click either image below to view my AACC pics on Flickr!

Amazing Arizona ComiCon 2014 will stand out in my memory as the event I met one of the most Fascinating CosPlayers to date: Ms. Tia Maria  Follow her on Facebook. It’s the only Logical choice!

Of course there are many other fantastic Cos-players in this set as well, but you’ll have to click the link to see them all!  Please leave a comment, and share this with your friends too!
Amazing Arizona ComiCon 2014 (Tia Maria)-0188
Here is Odin, the All-Father of Asgard.  ‘Nuff said!