Phoenix ComiCon FanFest 2016

The third annual Phoenix ComiCon FanFest took place this year at the Phoenix Convention Center instead of it’s previous home of the  University of Phoenix Football Stadium  where it had been for it’s first two years of life. I’ve heard there were mixed feelings among some attendees about this move, mainly due to the loss of all of the Free Parking the Stadium site offered.  Personally I’m very happy with the move, for a few reasons. Moving FanFest to the Convention Center now means that when our little FanFest becomes more popular on the “Pop-Culture Convention Scene”, and attendance rises, there will be plenty of room to expand the event space without a huge disruption to it’s fan base that a sudden relocation often causes. Moving while it’s still relatively small for that reason makes sense.

Also, being in Downtown Phoenix offers attendees many more reasonably priced food choices via the Downtown restaurant scene. It’s a dining experience that won’t drain your wallet as fast as buying lunch at the inflated food prices the on site vendors tend to charge. $5.00 for a soft drink? Are you kidding?? Wait. No. No you are Not kidding.  $5.00 for a soft drink. Sigh.

As the event gains in popularity and attendance, having ready access to several hotels already acclimated to contending with Cos-players and other eccentric guests is going to be important!

But enough of my silly review of the venue. You’re not here for that. YOU, I imagine are here to see the images. Perhaps even to find your own images that we shot at the Con… So without further delay, I present to you the links to the pictures on my Flickr profile: I split them out by day, and each link will open in a new window.

Saturday Oct. 22nd

Sunday Oct 23rd

Oh, here is a sample pic to start your journey the right way!

Model: AmberSkies Cosplay

Amber Skies Cosplay

Amber Skies Cosplay

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