Dark Ones August Party 2019 – The Devil Made Me Do It

When people move on to the afterlife, you can find them in the Underworld. Cerberus at the gate, Charon drives the boat … and the River Styx and more running thru it all.

This August we find ourselves visiting the Greek Underworld. Come with us as we rub elbows with the fallen peoples of the world.
Welcome to the afterlife, nice toga.

People do bad things, what’s their excuse?
“The Devil Made Me Do It”

Be careful to avoid the border to Elysium, the final resting place of the virtuous, also avoid Lethe, the river of forgetfulness — “What happens in the Underworld… stays in the Underworld.”

Remember to bring your coin to pay Charon — just drop it in the Lantern at the bar… donations of food or a bottle to share can also sate him for a time. As a denizen of Hades it is expected you will be “volunteering” your time as well… the Party Head Aurum and her team of demons will be planning what is needed, so check in with them.

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