Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019 Sunday 5/26/19 on Flickr

Finally! They’re done!

As of tonight, I have about 90% of the Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019 pics posted online to Flickr.  Everything is up, with the exception of Mark Greenawalt’s Body Paint Extravaganza, and a few other straggler’s.  Do me a favor and pass the word (and the link!) on to anyone you think may have missed it!

As always, to get copies of any image that you are in, message or email me with the file name/s and your preferred email address and I will dropbox them to you. Enjoy!

Click this link to see the set on Flickr

Model: Jamie Marshall 

Jamie Marshall at PHXFF

Phoenix Fan Fusion: A Brief Post

Hello, If I may have your attention for just a moment.

Many of you coming here to my site, are likely coming from the Business card you received from me personally at Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019 when took a few images of you.

Remember the part of the schtick I told you at that time? It’s going to be Several Weeks before I am ready to post the images…And that I will post the link to them (which ultimately will be on Flickr!)

I had a few time setbacks that could potentially set my editing process back a tad, but I am charging ahead as quickly as possible and I hope to have a something fun to show you all very very soon!

In the meantime, some samples:

The STUNNINGLY Beautiful and Multi-talented Moon Mermaid:

Phoenix ComiCon 2017 Pics: Phase 1.5

In case you missed it…and judging by number of views…you have… I have been adding pics to the PHXCC2017 Flickr Set. (Hint: That was the Link!)
There are now 132 images in the set…and I am not even CLOSE to being done with Thurs-Friday, So please…take a look…leave some “Likes” & Comments and stay tuned for more images. You know the way it works. I edit during my “off work” hours and post as often as it takes until they are all online.
If you would like copies of the image/s that You are In, please contact me thru Facebook with the File Names and your preferred email address. I will put them in a Dropbox for you and send you the link.
Please be patient. No one wants these images edited and online more than I do!
And now, here is a Teaser Image that will be found ONLY on this post:  She is one of Arizona’s Favorites: a Cosplayer, a Singer, a Dancer, an Entrepreneur: Ladies and Gentlemen:

I am Vailence!


Back to the Yard 111916

I returned to the Junkyard in Whitman AZ for another model shootout. The turnout was pretty light with only about 3-5 models on site when I arrived. But fortunately I found a couple that weren’t shooting with anyone else so we wandered off to be productive. Fortunately they really were great to work with! Both were open to sharing creative ideas and happy to have someone working with them.

Models: Harley Cyn CosPlay
Henchman: Tom Johnson

And now it is my privilege to present to you: “Harley Cyn” and her personal Body Guard / Henchman “Tom Johnson”.  The full set is now online on Flickr.

Harley & Her Henchman

Harley & Her Henchman

Dark Ones August Party 2016 – 7 Deadly Sins

I feel it necessary to inform you that as I was uploading these images to Flickr, and creating this post…my Random Music player was playing “We Are the Champions”…No, I am Not joking…

It’s taken me FAR more time than I had anticipated to get the images from The Dark Ones August Party 2016 – 7 Deadly Sins edited & posted. And I am sorry to say that I am not done with ALL of the pics from the party just yet… Soon (yeah, I know…) Soon I will have them all online.

Here is your “Teaser” image: Random & Ceri. Nothing personal ladies…

Random & Ceri

Random & Ceri

Phoenix ComiCon: Thru the Years (up to and including 2016)

It’s been a long time coming. My images from Phoenix ComiCon 2016 I mean…  So to make it up to everyone who has been waiting patiently for them, I am doing a photo-dump of all three days of images.

I recommend that you follow these links to the separate folders arranged in chronological order:
Phoenix ComiCon 2016 (Friday June 3)
Phoenix ComiCon 2016 (Saturday June 4)
Phoenix ComiCon 2016 (Sunday June 5)

And then, if you are feeling daring, scroll thru my photos of past ComiCon’s going back to 2008!
Phoenix ComiCon: Thru the Years

And if you STILL want more Convention images, this is my collection called: Conventions: All of ’em!
And to whet your appetite for Convention Cosplay image: Here is Krash Cosplay as Captain America:

Krash Cosplay as Capt America

Krash Cosplay as Capt America