2017 Dark Ones April Party – Portal Wars

Wizards, Warriors, Prince’s and Queens! Beasts and Fae! They came from the farthest dimensions. Transported thru a multitude of Portals to a single place in Time, A Single Place in Space. To Party with a Singular group of people…
The Dark Ones!
No strangers to the majik and mystery of Portals, The Dark Ones welcomed them all with a hearty meal, a seemingly never empty cup of the Portal Travelers favorite drink.
Music. Laughter and Dancing!

How could it be that we even KNEW this Convergence was even going to transpire?

My dear reader…have you forgotten so soon?
We Are The Dark Ones!

Follow this link to see the set on Flickr:  The Dark Ones April Party 2017: The Portal Wars

Ava & Alice

Alice & Wilgar

2017 Dark Ones Feb Party – Dungeons & Dragons (Outtakes)

2017 Dark Ones Feb Party – Dungeons & Dragons (Outtakes)

As you may know, when I shoot a live event like ComiCons or a Dark Ones Party, I will often have many similar images of the same people in the set. I do this because I am not the person who is most qualified to know which image they will like / want. And so, in order for them to see all of the options, I just upload All of Them!
This time I’m doing it a leeetle different…

This batch contains all of the images that I like, but would be too repetitive in the main set.

I am only calling them “Outtakes” because I am too tired to think of a more appropriate word. That may change in the future…

Li & Corry Kissing: If it’s not done with Passion, it’s not worth doing at all

The Dark Ones At The Movies – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

You’ve known for a long time that The Dark Ones know how to party. Be it at a house, a Convention or a Galaxy Far, Far Away!
We rented the entire theatre just so we could watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens with a few (Hundred) of our closest friends!
Let me tell you, when the Millennium Falcons screams across the screen, having a theatre full of friends to cheer it on makes the whole thing more exciting than going up against a Rancor with nothing but a rusty spoon!
But it’s not enough for us to just fill a theatre with our own people…no…we have to take it a step further and Give stuff Away! These were the raffle prizes we gave out to some lucky Jedi. Or Sith…I’m not sure. I’m still looking for a pair of Droids myself…

See all of my pics on Flickr.

Raffle Prizes

Raffle Prizes

The Dark Ones: DMP 2K15 – “All Men Must Die” (GoT)

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“All Men Must Die”

The Long Night of Westeros: Winter Has Come.

Crows from the Wall have been sent throughout the Seven Kingdoms, and they bear but one message: The White Walkers return, and with them their Army of the Dead.

Winter has come, for all of us. There is no escape.

In these Dark Times, there is but one last task before the Walkers cross the Wall riding their dead horses… Feast on your storehouse, open all the ale casks, and enjoy what time you have left as the light fades away. Come together with your friends and comrades and talk of old times, good days, and the Dream of Spring.

Ceridwen Batt at The Dark Ones Deadman Party: All Men Die (Game of Thrones)

Ceridwen at The Dark Ones Deadman Party 2015: All Men Must Die (Game of Thrones)

The Dark Ones April Party 2015 – Grimms Fairy Tales

Once again we play our dangerous game, And play it well. Reaching back in human history to a time before Disney twisted and crushed the spirit out of the Time Honored Oral Tradition of story telling.
The Brothers Grimm collected and published stories they personally collected to be shared in the far reaches of the world.
Tales of Children at play: As Butchers.
Tales of Romance and Love: And severed toes!
Tales of woe so horrific that they themselves had to edit them to make them more…palatable for their audience.
However, for the Dark Ones…they were Perfect Stories JUST the WAY they WERE!
We Ate, and Danced and Sang and celebrated the company of good friends and wicked tales. Fairy Tales. Grimm Fairy Tales!

Tina Worley

Tina Worley

Evil Overlords

The first image with Post Production from the GreenScreen photo booth I set up at the Dark Ones February Party: Evil Overlords.

This is Nola. Being Evil seems to make her even more Beautiful!
BTW: She’s not Really Evil…well…that’s what she told ME anyway.


The Dark Ones April Party 2014: Tournament of Champions

It is a well known fact that the Dark Ones Anthem is actually Queen’s “We are the Champions”…even though, were you to be in attendance at ANY Dark Ones event, you would never hear the REAL lyrics over our singing “We are the Dark Ones” at full volume. Poke around online, I’m sure there’s some video out there somewhere with the audio in tact…

But last night? Last night we proved not ONLY that we are the Dark Ones, but in fact we really ARE Champions! Rock Paper Scissors Champions!!

Hosted for the second time at James the Cooks humble abode in North Phoenix: The Comfy Sow.  Once again we reveled with Great Food, Plenty of Drink, Merriment of all sorts and, of course the Company of our Chosen Family: The Dark Ones!

And now, for your enjoyment, follow the link below to view my images from our humble event:
The Dark Ones April Party 2014: “The Tournament of Champions”  (The images are hosted on Flickr)

As always, if you would like a copy of any of the images that you are in, please contact me. If you don’t have my email address by now (and Shame on you if you DON’T!) Then connect with me thru Flickr or my Keyhole Productions Photography FaceBook page.