Hailey & Sasha at The Yard 040117

A few more images added to the April Fools Junkyard Photoshoot set.

This time it’s the beautiful and mysterious: Sasha Streeter and her new friend Hailey Harper who joined us for a quick shoot at the Junkyard

The full set can be found on Flickr


Sasha Streeter & Hailey Harper

Sasha Streeter & Hailey Harper

Krys’s Face

James Sasser’s Sasserfraz Pictures Annual Junkyard Shootout  happened last Saturday. This was the third time I have attended the Junkyard Shootout, and by far it was the best attended of the 3.  Prior to the day I had reached out to several models to arrange to shoot with them. We talked about outfits and themes and I started planning in my head how and where we would shoot…but I am also keenly aware that the best images are often the result of just shooting from the hip, without a ton of pre-planned concepts.

So when the opportunity to work with Krys presented itself, I was thrilled! She is talented, stunningly attractive, very petite, willing and able to “do what it takes” to create great images.
This image is a tight crop from a set we shot of Krys wearing just a long hooded cloak while standing on the upper level of a storage garage which she had to climb a pretty tall ladder to get to.

It should go without saying that there will be more images of Krys in the Cloak coming soon. But in the meantime, I hope you enjoy viewing “Krys Face” while you wait.

Krys's Face

Krys’s Face

Jen Republic – Artistic Nude

This gallery contains 3 photos.

No time for pleasantries at the moment. I’ll give this post a much better write up later. For now. I present to you: Jen Republic – Artistic Nude And Yes…I am aware none of these images are “Nudes”. You are just going to have to wait…  

Feeling Blu Again. NSFW!

I was feeling a little down just now so I thought I would cheer myself up by presenting a few more images of my shoot with Blu. I hope you agree that you can’t really stay sad while viewing images of her.


A Figure by the Window



Shadow and Light



Casual Glance

Idiivil: Unleashed!

Or, to be more accurate: I finally finished editing this set and added them all to Flikr!

I have broken the images into two categories. Can you guess what they are?

Nudes and Non-Nudes.

And here’s a sample of the SFW variety:

Steampunk Witch

Steampunk Witch

Rowan – Steamy Steampunk

The day before my photo shoot with Christine “iDiivil” Adams in Brian and Nola’s Steampunk Room,
I did a lighting test shoot with my friend Rowan. I did this so I would have a better understanding of how to light the room so I didn’t waste precious time when shooting with Christine.
All I really “needed” was a person to stand in for Christine. However it occurred to me that I could squeeze a whole ‘nother shoot with a whole ‘nother model in that space that I had wanted to shoot in since I first saw it.
So a day or so before hand I put out the call on Facebook and Rowan was the first to respond.
I told her the details of what I was doing and why along with the fact that there was no guarantee as to how many usable images would result from the day’s labor.
But Rowan knows an opportunity when she sees one. She packed several Steampunk outfits and some other goodies and off we went.

I must say, while we were shooting there was a time or two when she did a pose that was evocative enough that my breath caught and I had to work at keeping calm and in control. I think she saw it happen. And I think she liked it when it did…

I have been paying so much attention on editing Christine’s images that I had almost forgotten about Rowan’s.

Shame on me. This woman is a freaking force to be reckoned with!

And so, today I proudly present to you the first image of that set!



Christine – Idiivil sample images

Recently I did a shoot with a model I have wanted to work with since I first saw her images online. Christine Adams – Idiivil.

These are just a couple of images from that shoot as a sample. As always, there will be more to come!
Find Christine on Facebook
See her portfolio at http://www.idiivil.com/




By the Window

By the Window