Nikki Goode – Topless again (NSFW)

Nothing cutesy to say about this one. Just another fabulous pose from Nikki Goode I want to share with you.

Model: Nikki Goode

MUA: Kyuubi Arbogast

Nikki Goode

2017 Dark Ones Feb Party – Dungeons & Dragons (Outtakes)

2017 Dark Ones Feb Party – Dungeons & Dragons (Outtakes)

As you may know, when I shoot a live event like ComiCons or a Dark Ones Party, I will often have many similar images of the same people in the set. I do this because I am not the person who is most qualified to know which image they will like / want. And so, in order for them to see all of the options, I just upload All of Them!
This time I’m doing it a leeetle different…

This batch contains all of the images that I like, but would be too repetitive in the main set.

I am only calling them “Outtakes” because I am too tired to think of a more appropriate word. That may change in the future…

Li & Corry Kissing: If it’s not done with Passion, it’s not worth doing at all

Feeling Blu Again. NSFW!

I was feeling a little down just now so I thought I would cheer myself up by presenting a few more images of my shoot with Blu. I hope you agree that you can’t really stay sad while viewing images of her.


A Figure by the Window



Shadow and Light



Casual Glance

First Look: AmberSkies Cosplay: AACC 2016

The first image I have processed from Amazing Arizona ComiCon 2016 is none other than AmberSkies Cosplay.

Very Soon (Well…soon-ish) I will have a full batch of images posted to flickr and will add that link here when I do. But for now, please enjoy this image as a Stand Alone statement of “Things Yet to Come”

AmberSkies Cosplay as Queen Serenity

AmberSkies Cosplay as Queen Serenity

Blu Model – Lingerie by the Window

Here is another image from a shoot I did last year with Blu.
Of all the images from this shoot that I feel were really great, it’s the images that capture a certain expression on her face that captivate me most. I hope you see what I mean.

Blu Model - Lingerie by the Window

Blu Model – Lingerie by the Window

Phoenix ComiCon 2015: Bodypaint Demo. Aliens

Mark Greenawalt invited 5 artists & 6 models to participate in this years Body Paint Demonstration. The theme: Aliens.
The results: Spectacular!
The link: Here

This was literally the largest audience I have ever seen in attendance for Mark’s event. I guess word finally got out that there was Real Art being created at the convention!

Since there is a small amount of nudity as the models are being painted the safety level of this is set is "Moderate".

If you are having problems viewing these photos, please check your settings to be sure you are able to view pics of this nature.

Thank you

– Mgmt
Models Credits
Top Image: Melissa Marie / Artist: Jocelyn Casdorph
Bottom Image: Megan Brock / Artist: Mark Greenawalt

Melissa Marie

Melissa Marie

Meg B

Meg B

Tia Maria: Here’s Looking at You!

Sneak Peak of Tia Maria from our photo shoot in March 2015.
It was a Steamy Steampunk themed shoot we did somewhere in the desert of Arizona.

I know I always say this, but it’s still true: There will be more coming in the future!

Tia Maria: Here's looking at You!

Tia Maria: Here’s looking at You!