Hailey & Sasha at The Yard 040117

A few more images added to the April Fools Junkyard Photoshoot set.

This time it’s the beautiful and mysterious: Sasha Streeter and her new friend Hailey Harper who joined us for a quick shoot at the Junkyard

The full set can be found on Flickr


Sasha Streeter & Hailey Harper

Sasha Streeter & Hailey Harper

Horns & Halos – Fetish Prom 2014

Here is the link to my full set of images from the Horns & Halos Fetish Prom 2014.
All 384 of ’em! You may feel there are a few duplicates or images very similar to one another. While I do have a discerning eye for what I like, my choice is not always the same choice the subject of the image would make if they were selecting photos personally…so I offer a bit of a variety in order to appease the sensibilities of those who allow me to capture their image at these events…

Horns & Halos - Fetish Prom 2014-0099


Fetish Revolution 2014

I’m really excited! I was invited by a friend to attend tonight’s “Fetish Revolution 2014” as an officially sanctioned photographer!! So keep your eyes on this space as I will be linking to my photos on flickr from here!

** ** ** UPDATE! ** ** **  ** ** ** UPDATE! ** ** **  ** ** ** UPDATE! ** ** **

The first batch of pics up on Flickr! (Click here to go directly to the pics!
Due to the adult nature of the images, they either have a “Moderate” or “Restricted” safety setting, which means you need to be “logged in” to Flickr to view them.
Please let me know if you have any difficulty viewing this and subsequent sets and I’ll try to find a work around for you.

Thank you!!