Dark Ones August Party 2019 – The Devil Made Me Do It

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When people move on to the afterlife, you can find them in the Underworld. Cerberus at the gate, Charon drives the boat … and the River Styx and more running thru it all. This August we find ourselves visiting the Greek Underworld. Come with us as we rub elbows with the fallen peoples of the […]

AZRF March 3rd 2019

Here is my second visit to the AZRF from March 3rd. Once again I am presenting most of the images in a single set of 393 images, along with a few Sub Sets to highlight some folks as well.

Here are the links to the sets I have so far:

AZ Ren Faire 2019 – March 3rd

Bree Reiners – AZ Ren Faire 2019 – March 3rd (Pirate Weekend)

Hanna at AZRF Mar 3rd, 2019

Sarah the Harpist



Belly Dance Merchants

Otherworlds Festival


UPDATE!  12/3/13

I have finished uploading ALL of my images from the Otherworlds Festival.
The total image count for both days: just shy of 550!


The Phoenix Faerie Festival has been reborn in 2013 as the Otherworlds Festival. Taking place at Castles n Coasters at MetroCentre in Phoenix AZ Nov 23rd & 24th.
There are now 151 images uploaded. I thought this was a good one to get the ball rolling…

My “Otherworlds Festival” Pics on Flickr

The Dark Ones Party: DMP 2K13 – The Inquisition

DMK 2K13 - The Inquisition-0569

DMP 2K13 – The Inquisition: Wouldn’t it be disturbing if this was the only pic that came out? NOT TRUE! Have Faith O Loyal Follower of Photography! I have just over 600 images to sift & sort thru so I can select the best & highest quality pics to post! There Will Be More To Come!! Stay tuned!

Bookmark this link because I will be updating my progress of editing / posting pics from the party right here.
Or you can always jump straight to the set of pics on Flickr. (but you SHOULD still come back here just cuz I need the support! LOL!

But first: Food & Party Clean Up is calling…!