The Women of Estrella War: A new set on Flickr

The Women of Estrella War: A new set on Flickr


I have attended the SCA’s Estrella War about 6 times…give or take, and each time I brought my camera and roamed the landscape in search of interesting images to make.

Often it would simply be the environment and my surroundings which served as Inspiration. I mean, Let’s face it…when you are spending a week with between 3000 to 6000 people who are dressed in the clothes of the period, and have chosen also to live for a week in a field sleeping and eating and entertaining within tents which are as close to “Period” as they can make them…there’s going to be a huge number of things to take photo’s of! Hundreds of Fighters on the Field of Battle! Merchants selling their wares in an open Bazaar! Large men in Kilts! (I don’t think I have too many pics of those!) Beautiful women in gorgeous dresses of silk and colors of Royalty!

But here…in THIS collection I have sifted through my Archives to find images specifically of the Ladies I have encountered who were so gracious as to allow me to capture their images as they participated in various events and activities at Estrella War. From Combat to Belly Dance. Doing Arts and Crafts, or just travelling from hither to yon…

Collected together here for the first time are some of my favorite images of these Ladies. They are The Women of Estrella War.

(If you find an image interesting and would like to know if there are more of that particular person, such as some of the Belly Dance photos, please take some time to explore the original set(s) the image(s) are from. You may be surprised to find a whole bunch more!)

(Please keep in mind that many of these images are of personal friends of mine and unacceptable comments will not be allowed. If you have to ask yourself if a comment is unacceptable or not…it’s not)


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