Lord of the Sith – Lord of Men

Her gaze is Piercing beyond what her Dark Force Power emits…her power from BEFORE becoming a Sith was over Men.
Her gaze is Penetrating beyond what her seething anger and hatred portray thru her Mastery of The Force, she could penetrate the Soul with just a single glance and cause the strongest of Men and Woman to tremble in Awe since a very young age.  Time has only made her powers more terrible. More invasive. More…Fierce.

Don’t look now! She seeeeeessss youuuu!

Model / MUA / Costume Design: Zephiia Winchester
Phoenix ComiCon 2017

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She Sees You

Lord of the Sith. Lord of Men

Cosplayer Spotlight – Tiffany as Steampunk Sally (PHXCC 2017)

Welcome to another Cosplayer Spotlight. Today I bring you my friend Tiffany as “Steampunk Sally” from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” which she premiered at PHXCC 2017.

Tiffany is, quite frankly, doing some of the most original Cosplays I have seen. I think her secret is that she follows her heart and creates from her soul.  Take a look and see what I mean! And to see the full set on Flickr click here.

Tiffany Garrison

Steampunk Sally – A Nightmare Before Christmas

Phoenix ComiCon 2017 Pics: Phase 1.5

In case you missed it…and judging by number of views…you have… I have been adding pics to the PHXCC2017 Flickr Set. (Hint: That was the Link!)
There are now 132 images in the set…and I am not even CLOSE to being done with Thurs-Friday, So please…take a look…leave some “Likes” & Comments and stay tuned for more images. You know the way it works. I edit during my “off work” hours and post as often as it takes until they are all online.
If you would like copies of the image/s that You are In, please contact me thru Facebook with the File Names and your preferred email address. I will put them in a Dropbox for you and send you the link.
Please be patient. No one wants these images edited and online more than I do!
And now, here is a Teaser Image that will be found ONLY on this post:  She is one of Arizona’s Favorites: a Cosplayer, a Singer, a Dancer, an Entrepreneur: Ladies and Gentlemen:

I am Vailence!


PHXCC 2017 – Jenny’s Closeup

I feel so fortunate to have met Jenny at PHXCC 2017.
I was outside the Convention Center with a thought of an experimental shot I wanted to try when she was walking by. She agreed to help me out on the experiment, and then we did some more.
You’ll see the rest of the series in a little bit, but to get the ball rolling, here is Jenny’s Closeup.
This link takes you to the set on Flickr, although as of this moment, this is the only image in there…at least you will have the link!