Rowan – Steamy Steampunk

The day before my photo shoot with Christine “iDiivil” Adams in Brian and Nola’s Steampunk Room,
I did a lighting test shoot with my friend Rowan. I did this so I would have a better understanding of how to light the room so I didn’t waste precious time when shooting with Christine.
All I really “needed” was a person to stand in for Christine. However it occurred to me that I could squeeze a whole ‘nother shoot with a whole ‘nother model in that space that I had wanted to shoot in since I first saw it.
So a day or so before hand I put out the call on Facebook and Rowan was the first to respond.
I told her the details of what I was doing and why along with the fact that there was no guarantee as to how many usable images would result from the day’s labor.
But Rowan knows an opportunity when she sees one. She packed several Steampunk outfits and some other goodies and off we went.

I must say, while we were shooting there was a time or two when she did a pose that was evocative enough that my breath caught and I had to work at keeping calm and in control. I think she saw it happen. And I think she liked it when it did…

I have been paying so much attention on editing Christine’s images that I had almost forgotten about Rowan’s.

Shame on me. This woman is a freaking force to be reckoned with!

And so, today I proudly present to you the first image of that set!



Christine – Idiivil sample images

Recently I did a shoot with a model I have wanted to work with since I first saw her images online. Christine Adams – Idiivil.

These are just a couple of images from that shoot as a sample. As always, there will be more to come!
Find Christine on Facebook
See her portfolio at




By the Window

By the Window

The Dark Ones April Party 2016: Elder Gods

ATTENTION: The LINK to the April Party Pics is at the BOTTOM of this post.  Oh, sure…you COULD skip straight to it by scrolling all the way down. But I GUARANTEE you will miss some interesting stuff that you may just wind up regretting for a very long time… Just Sayin’

Older than Angels, darker than Devils…

“Antiquarians say the Elder Gods were Gaia, Thoth, Tiamat, and the Titans, the sires of gods. Darker sources claim the elder gods lay hidden, in a formless Chaos that came before history with names like Azathoth, Yog Sothoth, Shub Niggurath, and the eldritch Cthulhu… the “Great Old Ones”.

Experts on the elder gods are rare, and rarely sane. The most respected and stable are those from Miskatonic University, a center of occult studies and inter-dimensional sciences. The Druid Gannd quoted from a lecture by Dr. LeHo at the school’s Dachaigh Annex “The nexus of power forming here in Arizona implicates a pending visitation to this site.” Gannd followed, “Fellow scholars, join me as we visit these ancient altars.”
The Dark Ones invite all adventurers, occultist, sorcerers, investigators, researchers and Miskatonic Alumni to come to the Dachaigh Campus in Glendale,AZ on the evening of April 30, 2016.”

For my Teaser Images from the set, and to start you all skipping down the path to the Insanity of the Elder Gods, I would actually like to get serious for a moment and highlight the talents of two very good friends, who both “just happen” to be beautiful Redheads. Have I ever mentioned to you that I have a “Thing” for redheads? No? Oh…  Both of these ladies are so hot they could only be illuminated by Flames (Tiki Torches in fact). That is the light source I used to capture both of these portraits.

First is Tori.  She is a model, photographer, and Storm Chaser (No, I’m not making that last one up).
Her Storm Photography has been seen on local news sites here in AZ and elsewhere.
She also sells prints of her personal and storm photography as a “Raw Artist” They are literally as painfully beautiful as she herself is.
Tori is about to embark on an adventure that is a Storm Chasers dream! It’s straight out of the plot of the movie “Twister”!
Tori is one of the newest members of the team who will be attempting to launch a new bit of Storm Technology INTO a Live Tornado!
It’s called The Dust Devil Project. She was also named as one of the speakers at the Upcoming (as of the time of this writing) MonsoonCon 2016. You can keep up to date on all of her exploits on her Facebook Page


Tori in the Light of the Tiki Torch

My next favorite Redhead is Nola Yergen of Design by Nola. Aside from being a personal friend, Nola is, more importantly
an Award Winning Costume Designer who, as you can see is as Gorgeous as she is talented.
She has worked on several film projects as well as teaching Theatre at Grand Canyon University here in Phoenix Az.


Nola In the Light of the Tiki Torch


And now. As promised…your link to the Party Pics found on my Flickr profile.  The Dark Ones April Party 2016: Elder Gods. Enjoy!