The Dark Ones & The Endless: 1920’s Speakeasy “Jazz & Gin”

Looking for a keen time?
Well come on down to the Dark Ones & Endless Roaring 20’s Speakeasy party behind the Woolworth’s, it’s the bee’s knees.
This ain’t no bushwa gin joint here, No Sir! We got ourselves the Real McCoy.
This is a classy establishment for classy people only. No drugstore cowboys or wet blankets at this juice joint. We only accept the most dapper, the most swanky, the real cream of the crop types, so dress to the nines. There will be music for all you hoofers, plenty of hooch to wet your whistle, and some games of chance if you’re feeling lucky.
If this shindig sounds like the cat’s meow to you, let us know you’re coming, we’ll give you the password to get past the door.. But keep this between your teeth! This is for select individuals only. We don’t want any prohis or fuzz showing up.

DO & E Speakeasy-0146

Introducing: Samantha

This amazing image is from a very impromptu test shoot I did today with Samantha.  Actually, it wasn’t even supposed to be a Test Shoot at all…just a Creative Meeting to discuss a future shoot. But as we were talking I realized what time of day it was, and I asked if she would be willing to do a few shots in my favorite room…This was one of the results.
Here are a few more images of this beautiful and talented model on Flickr.

Casual lool

Feel the Heat

A new image of Samantha. I would love to have your feedback!

Samantha B&W

Samantha B&W

2015 Dark Ones August Party – Supervillains and Superheroes – Animated GIF

2015 Dark Ones August Party – Supervillains and Superheroes
(Click to view the set on Flickr)

Just trying something a little different. When I shot this series I was just trying to be sure I captured the image that I was seeing in my mind which was just seeing a figure emerging from the darkness that you didn’t even know was there.

When I viewed the images in sequence on the camera, I realized it would make an excellent gif.  So here it is: Click here or on the image to view the animated gif.