PHXCC 2015: Labyrinth Cosplay

My dear friends Ivory Gayle Cosplay and Nicole decided to traverse the Labyrinth of PHXCC 2015.
They make a stunning couple, don’t you agree?

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Sarah & Jareth the Goblin King from Labyrinth

Sarah & Jareth the Goblin King from Labyrinth


Phoenix ComiCon 2015: Bodypaint Demo. Aliens

Mark Greenawalt invited 5 artists & 6 models to participate in this years Body Paint Demonstration. The theme: Aliens.
The results: Spectacular!
The link: Here

This was literally the largest audience I have ever seen in attendance for Mark’s event. I guess word finally got out that there was Real Art being created at the convention!

Since there is a small amount of nudity as the models are being painted the safety level of this is set is "Moderate".

If you are having problems viewing these photos, please check your settings to be sure you are able to view pics of this nature.

Thank you

– Mgmt
Models Credits
Top Image: Melissa Marie / Artist: Jocelyn Casdorph
Bottom Image: Megan Brock / Artist: Mark Greenawalt

Melissa Marie

Melissa Marie

Meg B

Meg B

Phoenix ComiCon 2015: Bodypaint Demo Tease

I am still Selecting / Editing #PHXCC pics…Patience my friends…Patience!
What’s that? You want something new Now? OK.. Ok. Fine.
Here’s something you haven’t seen before!

Model: Michelle Gamboa
Artist: Papi Miranda

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Model: Michelle Gamboa

Model: Michelle Gamboa  Artist: Papi Miranda

Phoenix ComiCon 2015: Introducing Selene Sparrowhawk

Meet Selene Sparrowhawk of the Adrian Empire.  She’s a Warrior of the highest caliber. Don’t let the beautiful eyes fool you!

I first saw her during the Live Steel demonstration that the Adrian Empire was doing during PHXCC 2015, She was on the floor, fighting a much larger opponent. She used a Two-sword style to her great advantage and I overheard two other fighters talking. One of them was to be the next combatant, fighting whoever was victorious in the current match. The other gave him some sage advice: “Watch out for her. She’s a Man-Eater.”
Take a Guess as to who was victorious…

Selene Sparrowhawk of the Adrian Empire on Flickr.

Selene Sparrowhawk - PHXCC 2015-0300

Phoenix ComiCon 2015 (The Second Batch)

By no means should “The Second Batch” be misinterpreted to mean the Last Batch because frankly that’s just Not The Case! It’s just the second batch I have been able to process on a work night.  So I present the Second Teaser pic from The Second Batch:

The Pirate Prince kisses the hand of Mermaid Ningyo.
This image was captured at Moon Mermaid’s beached cove of pirates and mermaids!
Once again you can see the full set on Flickr

Pirate Chivalry

Pirate Chivalry